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Agency Resources on the Web
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Agency directories

Directory of Literary Agencies
Use the "Search" window or browse via the text links at

OzLit - Literary Agents
A short agency list for writers in Australia. Some may charge editing fees, so be careful!

Literary agents

Jim Cypher
This New York agent has been in business since 1993. His Web site includes mini-reviews of his clients' books.

Jennifer Jackson
Ms. Jackson is affiliated with the Donald Maass LiteraryAgency in New York. She specializes in commercial fiction.

The Knight Agency
Deidre Knight's Atlanta agency was founded in 1996 and has sold books to several publishers.

Elizabeth Puttick Literary Agency
Ms. Puttick is a London agent who focuses on nonfiction, mostly for authors in the UK.

Robert E. Shepard Agency
Serious nonfiction is this San Francisco agent's stock in trade.

Ted Weinstein Literary Management
Mr. Weinstein's agency represents authors of "literary fiction and intelligent, adult nonfiction." His Web site also has a collection of useful publishing links.

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