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Memoir Writing
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Keeping it going

Other chapters cover topics such as:

"Spots of time"
Learning to remember

"Just make it up, then see if it is true"
Imagination coming to the aid of memory

"Using photographs and other documentary evidence"
A picture or primary resource is worth a thousand words

"A story in search of its subject"
How to find your plot

"The self in the story"
Finding your voice

"To tell or not to tell"
Ethical considerations in writing a memoir

The tone ranges from the inspirational to the practical, but even the "softer" sections were palatable to this reviewer (who most definitely isn't a New Age Pop Psychology kinda guy).

Finally, the book includes a "recommended reading" list of books--most memoirs--that the author has found "particularly moving or helpful."

Review wrap-up:

Living to Tell the Tale is a thoughtful, readable guide for writers who have personal--and often painful--stories to relate in the autobiography genre.

- Durant Imboden

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