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Sample query letter

Bud Thaler
1000 Eagle Lane
Sawbuck, IL 10000
(312) 000-0000



Month 00, 1998

Ms. Elvira Buchs
Bestselling Books, Inc.
680 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Dear Ms. Buchs:

I'd like to submit GREENBACKS, a mainstream thriller in the John Grisham tradition. Here's the novel's premise:

    Sarah Lee, a junior auditor in New York's Federal Reserve Bank, discovers that an embezzler has stolen millions by playing accounting tricks with the Susan B. Anthony dollars in the Fed's vaults. When she reports the discovery to her boss, she is warned not to meddle in affairs that are outside of her jurisdiction.

    Sarah refuses to back off. With the help of her lover, a one-time computer hacker, she uncovers a plot to divert funds into the campaign war chest of a neo-Nazi Presidential candidate. Sarah is then forced to go underground, gathering evidence to document a conspiracy at the highest levels of the U.S. Treasury and the Wall Street establishment while Secret Service agents and corporate security officials make repeated attempts on her life.

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