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Travel Writing for
Pleasure and Profit

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Web Sites

The Web is a hotbed of travel writing, both paid and noncommercial.

Commercial sites fall into two categories:

Sites that recycle content from traditional print media. Guidebook sites like Lonely Planet and magazine sites like Travel Holiday fall under this heading.

Sites that buy or develop original content. Microsoft Expedia, Travelocity, and other e-commerce sites develop material in-house or hire freelancers, although some use content from third-party sites. Travel "content sites" (similar to online magazines) may use freelancers or contractors to create travel material.

Non-commercial Web sites don't supply folding money, but they can showcase your work and--if you're lucky--lead to paying assignments.

For example, you might put together your own travel guide to a favorite destination. (My profitable Europe and Venice travel sites grew out of The Baby Boomer's Venice, which I created as part of a review of FrontPage 1.1 for Boardwatch Magazine in 1996.) Or you could write a travelogue, possibly illustrated by your vacation photos or sketches.

Many large Web sites offer free hosting of user Web pages, but be careful--some insist on displaying annoying pop-up ads with every page.

If you're writing a travelogue, another possibility is to submit it to a travelogue site like Travelpod, Rec.Travel Library, and TrainWeb Rail Travelogues.

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