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How to Write About Travel
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Magazines and newspapers

Each travel publication has its own approach. This makes it difficult to sell articles written on speculation with no specific market in mind, but it also means that a single destination can provide material for a number of articles. For example, a trip to Vienna could inspire:

A Gourmet article on Vienna's hot new restaurants.

An article for your local newspaper's food section on how to cook Tafelspitz or bake Sachertorte.

A Travel & Leisure or Condé Nast Traveler article about the little-known museums of Vienna.

A story for newspaper travel sections on "Vienna for the Senior Traveler" or "Viennese Vineyards: A Winelover's Guide."

An article for a senior citizen's publication about "Vienna, the Ageless City."

As with guidebooks, magazine articles need to be slanted toward their target audiences (in this case, editors as well as readers). If you can adopt the mindset of your target audience as you write, your writing style will take care of itself.

TIP: A travel article about a destination should convey a "sense of place." Description, anecdotes, and travel tips are just a few of the techniques that can bring your destination to life on the printed page.

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